As the word salvation implies, we must be saved from something. A real peril, a life and death situation.
A drowning person in need of a Saviour now, someone going down in the miry clay of sin now who is in need of rescue in this present moment.

About Our Congregation

We are one congregation of many of the Church of God that Jesus declared He would build in Mathew 16:18 and completed and visibly made manifest on the day of Pentecost some 2000 years ago when the Lord added those who were being saved into His Church.

Praising God, and having favor with all the people. And the Lord added to the church, the ones being saved from day to day. Acts 2:47 LITV

We are neither a part of any denomination nor are we protestant. Our claim to citizenship in the Kingdom of God as members of the Church rests solely on regeneration and sanctification through the atoning and cleansing blood of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

We believe we are living in the day of the “voice of the 7th angel”, God is gathering His people out sects and denominations into ONE body; the body of Christ, the Church of God and kingdom of God.

God is calling His own out of the “dark and cloudy” day, a day of confusion, into the EVENING LIGHT. Zechariah prophesied of this day when he said

And it shall come to pass in that day, that there shall not be light; the bright ones shall withdraw themselves: but it shall be one day which is known unto Jehovah; not day, and not night; but it shall come to pass, that at evening time there shall be light. Zechariah 14:6-7 KJV

Salvation alone makes us members of the Church of God and is established through personal repentance from sin, and faith in Jesus Christ as our divine Redeemer. When we experience salvation and the new birth we live in holiness and peace with God above sinning.


You will be warmly welcomed in Christian love  and care.