Homebase is a facility to equip home educators in the home education of their children (students) using mastery based methodologies and resources.

Homebase are able to give both internal and external support to the home educator, and have found that most families once they are established in their home education regime, progress extremely well.

Homebase give support to both new and experienced home educators and we look forward to assisting families in the future and supporting them in every way we can in their endeavours in home education.


COGMA was formed to provide a home base ministry teaching tool to equip and teach men and women of all ages, cultures, religious and educational backgrounds.

We commit the “Diploma of Biblical Studies” to you with the understanding that what it contains will help, equip and encourage you to not only a greater measure in Christ, and more importantly help and teach others in the same way as Paul instructed Timothy "And what things you heard from me through many witnesses, commit these things to faithful men, such as will be competent also to teach others."